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Cherry Pie, of course.  Ah, memories of summer… and flats full of fruit to be had from Maxwell St. Market for a pittance (get it? pittance? oh, boy. sorry…).  We showed up as they were closing and bought a case of cherries and a case of apricots for $16.  Not each, but total.  And then I canned and pitted (Mr. Urban Pioneer was very helpful with this!) and made jam and pie and froze the rest… not too shabby!

Wash and pit the cherries... gadgets and extra hands make the second step more fun!

And... voila! Amazing what you can do with a big toaster oven!


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Fresh Nebraska Rhubarb…some for summer, some for winter…Thanks B!

A friend returning from a photo assignment at her family’s farm in Nebraska brought us a bag full of beautiful rhubarb last summer… I canned some, and made some into a rhubarb crisp.  Can’t wait till our little plants in the garden are big enough to cut nice long stalks like this!

Rinsy rinse...

chop chop...

How much sugar? I don't know... enough.

Happy July 2nd!

Melting the honey syrup for the jars...

Cobbler and canning...

Applesauce crumble for the blackberry rhubarb crisp

Filling the jars...

Blackberry rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream, oh my!

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Howdy! So, who are we, exactly?

Urban pioneers, huh?  No, not those “urban pioneers”, the trendsetting yuppies who move into a neighborhood only to leave a path of Urban Outfitters, Starbucks, overpriced apartments, and boutiques in their wake… there’s no manifest destiny to be found here, and hopefully no chain stores moving in anytime soon.  Here, you’ll find just good plain livin’- gardening, bike commuting, homebrewing, canning, home cooking, soapmaking, re-use, permaculture, and hopefully soon some chickens (and rabbits, and maybe a pygmy goat or three, but now we’re dreaming big)!  We’re a citified southern country girl and a countrified local city boy just trying to make it here in the Wild West Side of Chicago… and most of the time, life is pretty good!  Now be a good neighbor, pour yourself a brew, pull up a chair, and sit a spell with us… talk about the weather (right now it’s lousy, but our little nook is pretty cozy), the crops, and which way the wind’s a’ blowin…

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