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Movin’ on up!

moving day
Howdy ho, readers! So, I bit the bullet and am moving this site over to a self-hosted page… Come on over in a little while and keep reading! Hopefully it’s a smooth transition… give me a bit to work the kinks out and get used to the new digs, then update your links! Thanks y’all…

Our new home sweet home will be: www.alewyfe.com.


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our celebrity salad...

our celebrity salad…

“Don’t cook produce from The Plant”

Don’t be fooled by the title of the article… Mike Sula (Chicago food-writer) loves our salad!  My farmer heart is all swelled up with pride.  Now time to get to work!  We’ve been selling out for the past month or so… thank for all the support, Logan Square market customers!  Your purchases go a long way towards keeping this not-for-profit, teaching and research aquaponics farm afloat (and keeping me in a day job, so I can spend my “free time” working on our house, making soap and writing about our homesteady-adventures here… instead of slingin’ hash browns in some brunch joint trying to keep the lights on…)

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