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oil slick

It’s back… just when you thought we could relax about the Keystone Pipeline for a bit, the Senate is working to overturn our president’s veto and push this through. They could vote as early as tomorrow, and looks like some moderate Dem’s might jump the fence on this one- they need phone calls and emails from their constituents to say, “Hell, no!”. One phone call is worth many emails or thousands of clicks on an online petition…

Please call and tell your representative to reject this shortsighted dirty pipeline.

When I was very young, my dad worked for for a while for an oil and gas company selling pipeline right-of-ways, mostly across farmland… it was a “good job”, the best he ever had. He was good at it, being a farm boy that they could relate to, he was often able to gain the trust of folks who wouldn’t have given a company suit the time of day… which bothered him. He quit, leaving behind a good paycheck and health insurance, with a young kid (me) and another on the way, because he didn’t feel right about what he was doing.

I’ve always admired the courage that decision must have taken… we grew up poor, but with principles, and were taught to stand up and do what’s right, to make your own way… Sure, sometimes it was hard, but it made me the strong person I am today. I hope that we can convince our senators and congressmen/women to have the same strength to say no to this, and to dirty oil money.

Come on, now. No to Keystone, now, again, not ever. And yes to campaign finance reform so we can get some policy that’s good for America, not for filling out someone’s reelection coffers. And we wonder why we have such low voter turnout? Most people I talk to who don’t vote, it’s for this very reason- they think that they can’t possibly count. But you know what? We can make that call. Write that letter. Move to Amend, and overturn “Citizen’s United”. Show them that we are paying attention… and that this matters… to borrow a phase from the tea baggers, “We want our country back.”

If you do nothing else, sign a petition. Sign twelve. Help restack this deck… and give the earth a Valentine tomorrow, not a massacre. Thanks.


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