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So as usual, not all went according to plan in the artful brewing session, but all mostly went well… as always I owe the Fellow infinite thanks for going along with my crazy ideas without too much protest… he did all the hard work, and I (wo)manned the clean-up shift. Thanks to the fellow for his continued patience, and thanks to those who stopped by, to those who sampled the frothy medieval-style fresh beer in the big green bucket at the closing party, and to those who will try the finished beer in the new year that is currently bubbling away.  Photos from the day coming soon…

Highlights from the closing party included the summoning of the White Nile Crocodile, a fearsome beast with mighty riddles, conjured from the Lye Pit by the horned and wizened Al.  Nasty ashes from the junk mail burning two days previous still swirled around the bonfire pit as two modern-day hipster lumberjacks displayed feats of strength, laboriously sawing through a stack of over $50 worth of perfectly good pallets and torturing what looked like a serviceable crosscut saw with more than a few nails along the way.  The fellow and I looked on, somewhat bemused at the rhythmic soundtrack that their efforts lent to our friends’ crocodile performance… the first riddle (answer: gentrification) standing out in stark relief to these art-students chopping up what would have been a good week’s work for any scrapper in our neighborhood.  We wondered then what they were going to do with all that good kiln-dried wood, and recalled our kitchen last winter, a horror of sawdust, splintered wood and nails as we broke up pallets, fed them to the hungry wood stove, and huddled near their warmth. 

I had those small cares rocked away by the next performance, where I got the chance to climb into a resonant coffin that swayed gently as two ghouly femme fatales bowed and sawed away at the electric-cello-like instrument built into the top lid.  It was oddly soothing, and i enjoyed the brief sound bath. 

Good show, New Capitol.  It was odd last night to not have a bonfire to head to just down the street… though the smoky echoes remain, deeply embedded in the fibers of my Carhartt jacket… but I hope that you guys are enjoying a return to normality and regular sleep.  Cheers!


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New CapitALE update

Image borrowed from thefoodlunatic.wordpress.com as my camera is still on the fritz.  Technology hates me.

Image borrowed from thefoodlunatic.wordpress.com as my camera is still on the fritz. Technology hates me. Careful though, his blog will make you HUNGRY.

Figures… in an exhibit dedicated to transformation, our time slot has shifted! Didn’t you expect that? The fellow is taking the day off work and we’ll be keeping “brewers’s hours”… we’re brewing an all-grain batch inside the gallery (yay! should be toasty in there!) from 6am till approximately 2pm tomorrow to coincide with the afternoon installation schedule. The gallery is at 3114 W. Carroll Ave; look for the 24hrs/25days sign on the chainlink gate east of the building… the gallery door is in the back.

We’ll be back in the evening for the alligator performance, and you can visit the beer there or at our studio (not sure yet where it will be fermenting? Depends on the temperature in the gallery… it’s a perfect 62 in our studio right now).

We made three eherlenmeyer flasks of starter culture last night with three different yeast blends, so if you want to join in the fun, bring in a clean gallon jug or carboy, an airlock and stopper if you have them, and some sort of sugary liquid to ferment! Tej (Ethiopian honey wine)? Mead? Cider? Cyser? Funky fruit wines? Jailhouse hooch? Let us know if you’re bringing something and if you need a vessel or airlock! The starters are whirling away on their stir-plates and making millions of billions of yeast babies that are ready to get to work!

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