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Chicago friends… check out this new handmade goods shop at Chicago and Damen, opening very soon… with Alewyfe goodies, and oodles of other beautiful things. Read on… and put it on your radar (or your map, or gps, or fancy-phone-thingy… however you get down and get around)!

Paperish Mess

The shop is coming along! Our Grand Opening Party is getting close and the day we open up our doors is even closer! Stay tuned for details about our soft opening and more goodies coming into the shop! Until then, we’ll keep whistling along… :]


Original Mini Letterpress Art Prints. Mermaid Love. ;)

Handmade Artisanal Soaps. Liquid Soaps in vintage bottles and soap bars too! <3

xoxo to the City of Big Shoulders!

yes. yes, you are.

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Monster truck rally at The Plant, Saturday Sept. 22. See you there, squares! Ps… I’ll have a soap table set up with various wares… You know, to wash off the mud from the monster trucks doing donuts in the parking lot. What do you mean, not that kind of monster truck? That the “monster trucks” are actually “food trucks’? You mean… there might be ACTUAL DONUTS?? Like the kind with bacon bits and maple drizzle, mah nizzle? Now that’s HOT. And fancy-pants cupcakes and burritos and beef and even vegan cheese (hey, whatever rocks your boat… er… truck?)! Prepared on actual trucks that are now allowed to cook actual food on the actual truck (thanks Chicago, it’s about time)? OH heck yeah. Now I’m SO there. But I’ll still sell you some soap. Soap that looks like food! It’s food for your skin though, don’t eat it, like that guy who took a bite of the mint chocolate chip bar…

I’ll also have a sign up sheet for more information on the series of upcoming classes this fall… more on that very soon!

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But you know, in a good way. I need to make new batches of both of these soaps… they’re some of my favorites! Ok, ok, they’re all my favorites. But I do really like these two.

Beeswax soap with Wisconsin honey, unrefined beeswax, and bee pollen. Honeycomb and queen bee not included!

Little Grass Skirt… it’s da islands, mon! Lemongrass and pink grapefruit, green and red clays, poppyseeds, tapioca, orange peel, lemon and lime leaves.

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Looks yummy, but don’t eat it!

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